You are the soil under my fingernails,

From my attempt to 

Sow and nurture you

Into my future;

I never wanted anything 

More than I wanted you,

But now I want myself,

And I am ready to start sowing anew.

I thought closing chapters 

Would be easier-

I would simply turn the page

And find a blank slate-

But the ink of our story 

Bleeds through the entire book.

My love for you 

Is the most beautiful poem 

I have ever written,

And it doesn’t make a sound:

It was not made to be listened to;

It was made to be felt.

You’ll change,

Because you’ll see the world

Differently through adversity,

You’ll see the beauty and value in people

That others failed to see in you,

And you’ll see your strength

In loving yourself enough

To walk away from

What hurt you.


Our love was too open and free

To be kept in the cage 

Of convention.

Sometimes I wish we had

Bars to contain us 

Because then we could 

Have had more time—

Just you and I. 

But I know our bond is stronger for it; 

Although it refuses 

To be captured,

It chooses to 

Stay with us. 

Don’t Wait

Don’t wait on anyone—that’s my greatest piece of advice. 

If you need something done (and done right, as my mother would say), do it yourself. If you want to go somewhere, go alone. Do things you love for you. 

If you like someone who doesn’t know how to be with you, move on with your life. There are things you must fight for in life, but people’s love, attention or commitment is not one of them. 

People that are meant to be in your life will stay without you having to ask them.