The Giving Kind 

One day I brought you up again
And my mother said to me,
“You know, I do think
He loved you,
And I think he still
Loves you now,
But you were too precious
To him that he kept you
Hidden from everyone else,
Just as he hides himself.”

She may be right,
But you did not love me,
At least not in the real way-
The way that changes you.
Your love for me was a love
For yourself:
You loved that I loved you
And wanted to make you
Feel good.
Sometimes I did,
And sometimes I didn’t.

The way I loved you was real:
It had nothing to do with what
You did for me.
I loved you in action:
I tried to gather your dreams
In the palms of my bloody hands
To make you happy.

I believed in the good in you
And the person you could be
Even when you faltered,
And you hated when I
Pointed it out to you,
And accused me of not
Loving you at all,
But we are most critical
Of those we love
Because we believe in their
Ability to be the best versions of themselves.

It still hurts that you couldn’t love me
The way I loved you,
But I am thankful
For the chance to have loved at all,
And I hope you get to experience
What that is like.


One thought on “The Giving Kind 

  1. Wonderful poem of “Love”. This is what happens when it’s one-sided. It’s excellent that last two lines are filled with optimism. Heart breaks are tough but not the ends. A new life waits ahead.

    We have started living in a world where something is missing. What is the remedy? Find out more in my poem “A Golden Heart” to reveal the superficiality of our lives at
    Hope you will like it 🙂 Don’t forget to leave a comment as it’s very valuable 🙂

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